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Our clients understand the value of “becoming.” Read some of their inspiring stories and learn how to create your own here at Nash-Hasty Investment Services, Inc.



Referencing the fact that she should have followed in her parent's footsteps sooner, Amy Sons laughs and says, "I should have been using Nash-Hasty from the beginning as my parents did!" 

Yes, the Feser family is now into the third generation of working with Nash-Hasty, and according to Amy, the reasoning is simple: "We trust them."

That trust has been beneficial to Amy & Matt as they have gained essential budgeting skills from Todd and garnered advice on planning for the future. In fact, they've been able to budget, plan for the future, and indulge in their passion—traveling—because of the unique way in which Todd helps them work these passions into their everyday budgets.  

From two previous generations, Amy & Matt have learned the value of wise money management, and her advice to anyone who wants to feel secure, "Get a financial planner now!"

Jason & Sheila

Our Process

Using the principle of “Don’t waste your time on would haves, could haves, and should-haves. Do your best right now and make sure to take some time and enjoy the moment.” Jason & Sheila are examples of what doing your best and enjoying life is all about. “Our parents instilled a strong work ethic in us at an early age, along with an appreciation for the need to plan for not only our futures but for those of our children.”

Not surprisingly, Jason & Sheila place a high value on their family. They take satisfaction in creating an environment with as few hurdles and stressors as possible to achieve their goals. Referring to this way of living, they said, “It’s what gets us out of bed in the morning.”

Our History

This passion for life and financial success is what attracted them to Nash-Hasty. “When someone exhibits passion about what they do, you know they are focused, and that failure is not an option.” This passion, combined with the decision to begin financial planning early in life, has led Jason& Sheila to become financially independent far sooner than they ever thought possible.

When asked what advice they would give their 20-year-old selves, they replied, “Stay driven. Keep doing what you are doing, and it will all work out.”

Kaiti & Josh

Kaiti & Josh

When faced with an unexpected need to purchase a new car, Kaiti & Josh were so thankful that they didn’t have to stress about the impact of a car payment on their monthly budget. Because they had been learning the value of a dollar and making their money work for them, they were able to pay cash for their car, reaping the first of many benefits of their hard work and dedication.

Grateful that they were inspired to start early to learn about achieving the best result for their hard-earned dollars, Kaiti & Josh have been surprised how comfortable they have been living while planning for the future. They have been grateful for the help they receive from Todd Hasty, saying, “Todd is very personable, knowledgeable, and is willing to teach! He’s always been honest with us and has given us great advice. It’s always felt more like meeting with a friend.”

Looking to the future, Kaiti & Josh have dreams and a plan to accomplish those dreams. “We want to build a legacy to leave to our family and friends someday. We both grew up in the agricultural industry, and we’d love to be able to start our own cattle operation one day, as well as build our dream home.”

When asked what advice they would give others, Kaiti immediately replied, “It’s never too early to start financial planning! You don’t have to fit a certain criteria to begin.”

Curt & Jody

Our Process

Curt & Jody's children grew up hearing "Pay Yourself First!" a refrain that only time and life experience could prove the benefit. Now that their children are grown, they too follow the same philosophy that has been the difference in their parents' financial security.  

The financial stability Curt & Jody worked to create has allowed them to assist in the education of their children as well as get them on track to retire with the lifestyle they are used to when that time comes.  

But they aren't sitting around waiting for retirement to start living! Curt & Jody love to spend time with their family, especially getting together to fish. Living within their means and looking to the future has also allowed them to travel together as a family.

Our History

Crediting the value they were raised with of saving early in life, Curt & Jody found themselves at a point where they needed someone to consolidate multiple 401(k) 's, IRAs, Roth IRAs, and old Annuity accounts and manage them to continue to grow. Introduced to Todd Hasty by family, they said it was clear that he understood their working backgrounds and saving philosophy during their first meeting.  

Curt & Jody are on track to continue building wealth, living comfortably, and leaving a legacy of family wealth. When asked what advice they would give to others, they said, "Consolidate investments, so it is easier to monitor and manage your investment growth."



When she took a class many years ago, Jennifer couldn't possibly see how those few hours would significantly impact her future. Now looking back, she says, "I took a class about investing and retiring. It greatly impacted me to start planning for my future."

And, plan she did! Jennifer worked hard and credits much of what she could accomplish to partnering with a financial professional. "I've known, respected, and benefited from Todd's financial expertise for over 20 years. He's a great teacher and very passionate about helping his clients achieve their financial goals."

The intentional planning and work have paid off in ways that Jennifer could have never imagined. When asked how being financially prepared has helped her live the life she is living, she enthusiastically responded with, "It has been everything! I am now able to live free from financial stress and make choices based on my personal goals and desires—not financial limitations."

This freedom helps Jennifer live her most important role in life, a follower of Jesus Christ and having the ability to serve Him through serving others.

Jennifer also shares her experiences with being financially prepared with others. She gets great satisfaction as she sees others take ownership of their financial lives—instead of being controlled by it-- and realize the freedom it brings. Jennifer quips, "If you've worked hard and are now living the financial life you want—congratulations!! You deserve it! If you aren't, it's not too late to make changes that will benefit you!"

Steve & Cathy

Our Process

Reading financial articles years ago, Steve & Cathy thought investing was only for the rich. Thankfully they learned this isn't the case, and they began working in earnest with Todd Hasty to define their long-term goals, available funds, and how they could minimize the tax burden. When asked why they chose Nash-Hasty the Hartley’s said that they knew of the integrity of Todd, his family, and associates. 

Looking back, Steve & Cathy say, "Although we are living comfortably with the help we have received, starting just a few years sooner would have made our financial rewards even greater."

Our History

However, the financial rewards they've received are excellent. "We are driven by the love of each other. We have a passion for travel, warm weather, and beautiful water. With the help we have received from Nash-Hasty, we are living our dream a few miles from the beach, where the sun's warmth is felt year-round."

Realizing that it's never too late to begin investing, Steve & Cathy are the perfect examples of what you can accomplish when you partner with a financial professional and work diligently to pursue your dreams.

Thank you!