About Us

A Natural Fit

Since the founding of Nash-Hasty Investment Services, Inc., Inc. by Cindy A. Nash and Todd A. Hasty in September 1998, they have focused on helping clients with a wide variety of needs with particular attention placed on high-quality client-facing care.

Our Primary Purpose

They saw themselves as the steady constant to help their clients maneuver through a complex financial-services world and provide the support needed to stay the course.
Because of Cindy’s almost two decades of experience in the financial services business and Todd’s leadership role within the banking and financial industry, it was a natural and easy transition to bring their shared values together to create Nash-Hasty Investment Services.

After hanging out their shingle in 1998, it wasn’t long before their expertise and personalized services became popular with clients. Nash-Hasty Investment Services, Inc. became known as a premier asset management practice in the Greater Peoria Area.

As life tends to do, a curveball was thrown in 1999, and Cindy was unfortunately stricken with an illness that left her unable to work. A buyout was structured, making Todd the sole owner of Nash-Hasty Investment Services.

Client Centered

Now armed with over 21 years of experience, Todd continues to build his business to provide comprehensive services to his clientele, always striving to exceed their expectations. His services include:

  • Retirement Planning
  • Personal Financial Services
  • Investment Recommendations
  • Asset and Wealth Management
  • Wealth Planning

From that first day in 1998, Todd has stayed true to the original foundation of beliefs and commitments that he and Cindy first established to be one of the most respected asset firms in Central Illinois.

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