Todd Hasty

Todd Hasty

CEO & Founder

Growing up in a small town like Tremont, Illinois, as an only child, yet part of an extensive extended family, taught Todd the importance of family values. His mom, Kathy's family, was small while his father, Denny's family, was large, and both sides taught him that family and friends, taking care of people, and remembering your roots were very important. With his loving wife, Amy, of 30 years and three adult children, Trey , Taylor , and Tanner , this large extended family still helps him ensure those family values will pass on to their children and grandchildren as well.

Dedication to the family has always profoundly affected his wealth management business and his commitment to his clients and their family's well-being. For Todd, his relationship with his clients has never been about their investments. It has always been about genuinely getting to know them and learning about the true purpose in their lives those investments will need to serve.

In his practice, Todd has never used pre-packaged portfolios for his clients. Each portfolio is handcrafted, and Todd selects the investments for his client's particular needs and individual situation.

"We're doing our level best to change the way people think about working with a Wealth Advisor. Most people know they need to be setting money aside in investments," says Todd. "They know what their hopes and dreams are for their families, charitable concerns, and their retirements. They just aren't sure what they need to do to make those aspirations a reality. It is our job to create an environment and a relationship they feel comfortable enough to relay those concerns and then help them, as best we can, in trying to pursue those dreams."