Personal Risk Analysis

Here at Nash - Hasty we understand the difference between apples and oranges.  We know you do too and that's why every portfolio of investments we create for individuals is as different and unique as they are.  Most big box brokerage investment houses don't quite understand this and consistently serve the "flavor" of the day style of investing to their customers.  Our clients get a portfolio customized to their individual wants and needs for their particular financial future.  It all starts here.

We've all seen the run of the mill risk tolerance questionnaires that usually ask a question similar to this one, "How would you asses your risk for loss over the next 6 months?  A)  I can't lose a dime.  B) I understand the market can be volatile in short periods and I can take up to a 10% loss during that time.  C) Who cares it's only 6 months. D) etc...etc...etc."

Well what does that really begin to tell us?  No much, most of the time, because we aren't dealing with "real money" and how it affects us and our lively hoods.  It's why Casinos use chips.  It doesn't feel like we lose as much when it's a plastic chip compared to a green piece of paper!

At Nash - Hasty Investment Services, we want to understand your tolerance for risk in your portfolio at a deeper level, which is why we've paired ourselves and our clients with Riskalyze.  Riskalyze is cutting edge technology that pinpoints your acceptable levels of risk and reward with unparalleled accuracy.  Riskalyze helps us ensure your portfolio aligns with YOUR investment goals and expectations.

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How Does It Work?

The first step is to take a 5 minute quiz that covers topics such as portfolio size, top financial goals, and what you're willing to risk for potential gains.  Then we'll pinpont your exact Risk Number to guide our decision making progress.  We can also compare your existing portfolio's Risk Number to your personal Risk Number and see if you're portfolio is in line with your true risk tolerance or not.  It turns out 4 out of 5 people have more risk in their portfolios than they previously realized!

After pinpointing your Risk Number, we'll craft a portfolio that aligns with your personal preferences and priorities, allowing you to feel comfortable with your expected outcomes.  The resulting proposed portfolio will include projections for the potential gains and losses we should expect over time.

Before we're finished, we'll also review your progress toward your financial goals by building a Retirement Map.  When you're done, you'll fully understand the probabilities of success, and what we need to do to increase it.

Simply click on the link above now to discover a better way of understanding how much risk you should be taking in your investment portfolios.  It's quick... it's painless... and it's worth it!