Todd A. Hasty

Todd A. Hasty

Financial Advisor


Nash - Hasty Investment Services, Inc. was founded in September 1998 by Cynthia A. Nash and Todd A. Hasty.

Cynthia brought with her 15+ years experience in the investment advice business.  She began her career in 1983 for Herbert White & Company right here in Peoria which was established in Peoria in 1928.  In 1994 Curtis White retired and sold H.B. White & Co. to a local banking institution.  Cynthia went along with the business and started that bank's first full service brokerage firm.

Todd started his financial career at Herget National Bank in Pekin, Illinois in 1990 as a customer service representative working his way through the ranks to Assistant Director of Branch Services in 1994, assisting bank clientele with many facets of their financial lives as well as running two locations for the bank.  In 1995, Todd transitioned to the Investment side of banking and hired on to the same brokerage team as Cynthia at the bank that had purchased H.B. White & Co. the year earlier.

Cynthia's vast brokerage experience coupled with Todd's banking and insurance experience made them a natural fit to work together with clients as a team.  As their team concept built and became popular with clients, Nash - Hasty Investment Services, Inc. was born.  Their shared commitment to the client has made NHIS, Inc. one of the fastest growing and premier asset management practices in the Greater Peoria Area. (Look for the NHIS, Inc. "Client Commitment" that Todd and Cynthia established back in 1998.)

In April of 1999, Cynthia was, unfortunately, stricken with an illness that left her unable to work.  In November 1999 a buyout was structured making Todd the sole owner of Nash - Hasty Investment Services, Inc.  Now armed with over 24 years worth of his own experience in providing retirement planning, personal financial services, investment recommendations, asset and wealth management and financial planning to many individuals and families throughout Central Illinois and many clients around the country, he continues to build his business and his staff to provide the best quality services available to his clientele always striving to fulfill and exceed client expectations.  Todd has continued to structure NHIS, Inc. around the foundation of beliefs and commitments that he and Cynthia first established in 1998 when they decided to open Nash - Hasty Investment Services, Inc. making this one of the most respected asset management firms in Central Illinois.